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The Topsy Foundation

Using an AIDS patients dramatic recovery to demonstrate the effect Topsy and its ARV treatment programme can have on those battling the advanced effects of HIV/Aids. When treated, a person on the verge of death can return to health in a matter of months.

Health from Hayley Morris on Vimeo.


Health is a stop-motion animation using clay,paper and objects on glass. 

This animation was done for the Advertising Council’s 57th Annual Service Award Dinner to introduce all the health commercials that have been made this year.


Hayley Morris:Director, Animator, Concept, Sound

Production Company:Curious Pictures
Managing Director of Commercials:Mary Knox 
Head of Production: John Cline 
Producer:Niki DiCesare 
Lighting:David Griffiths
Fabrication: Hayley Morris, Christina Nicodema, Randy Bretzin
Edit/Composite: Amichy Bikovsky